Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Very Taiwanese Christmas

So Christmas just came and went and it was strange being without family for the first time but I had some new firsts:

  1. I worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  2. I dressed up as and pretended to be Santa Claus multiple times over the past week (which I never thought I would do in my entire life, I mean...look at me) for the students (I did the best manly "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!" I could but when I gave my students candy they still replied, "Thank you teacher," to which I insisted I was not their teacher, I was Santa Claus! My best impression still wasn't quite convincing enough but it was good to see how things might be should I decide to go into the sober Santa look-alike profession at the local mall one day)
  3. I wore a face/breathing mask (under my Santa beard because that beard has been used way too many times for me to want it to touch my face)
  4. I played a youtube video of Nat King Cole singing "The Christmas Song" to which my students pointed and yelled, "Obama!"
  5. I had my Christmas dinner with my friends at....TGIFridays!! This might not sound exciting but this food is like gold to me now.
  6. I received Christmas cards from some of my students which made my Christmas - check out a few of them:
Ok so maybe their English isn't perfect but I've only been teaching them for a short period of time. Next year's cards will be flawless....right.

Oh and here is the creepy poster for the Christmas party at the university I am going to...

As appealing as crackhead Santa makes the party look, I decided not to go with my fellow naughty Taiwanese boys and girls for the rager that took place between 6:00 and 9:30pm.

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  1. hahaha loved this! and yay you have a blog now! feliz ano nuevo and let's skype soon- i miss your face!!!!!!!! besos